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Roadways to the Bench National Diversity Event April 3, 2023

The federal Judiciary, led by the Judicial Conference Committees on the Administration of the Bankruptcy System and the Magistrate Judges System, will hold the second iteration of the national diversity event for law students and attorneys, "Roadways to the Bench: Who Me? A Bankruptcy or Magistrate Judge?"

The event will begin with a national panel discussion, then move into local roundtable sessions at which participants will have the opportunity to interact with federal judges. The program is limited to current law students and attorneys.

The event takes place on April 3, 2023 at 3pm CT in Washington D.C. and 37 other locations across the country. EmergeLaw partner and business restructuring attorney Nancy King serves as attorney co-chair for the Nashville, Tennessee event and will participate in the roundtable discussion to be held in Nashville.

For more information, visit the Federal Judiciary's website here.


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