Business Bankruptcy


Restructuring Practice

Our experienced attorneys routinely represent debtors, committees, secured and unsecured creditors, investors, avoidance action defendants, and every other constituency in commercial bankruptcy cases, out-of-court workouts, and other complex matters where insolvency is an issue.

When we negotiate with banks and other creditors on a client’s behalf, it’s with the company's overarching goals, concerns, and priorities in mind. The aim of these negotiations – or workouts – is to reduce debt or extend payment terms. Often called an "out-of-court restructuring," a workout is designed to get a company the relief it needs short of filing for Chapter 11 protection.  Read more »


Chapter 11 Reorganizations

Chapter 11 is a complex legal action, and no company would choose it as a first resort. But when survival is on the line, Chapter 11 protection is a powerful tool that can be the difference between revitalization and liquidation. Our attorneys have reorganized more than a thousand companies involving billions of dollars in debt. We know how to achieve maximum value for our clients in a Chapter 11 case. And we also understand that it's never a place our clients want to be.  Read more »


Chapter 11 Sales & Orderly Wind Downs

Chapter 11 is most often used as a reorganization tool, but there are other situations where an entity might need the relief only Chapter 11 can provide. These involve the sale of a financially strained operating business or significant assets, or when a company seeks to go out of business in an orderly manner.  Read more »


Committees, Creditors, Trustees, Asset Buyers, Avoidance Actions

While much of our practice is focused on guiding companies through workouts and Chapter 11 cases, our attorneys have extensive experience representing unsecured creditors' committees, secured and unsecured creditors, trustees, purchasers of assets, and defendants in preference and fraudulent conveyance actions in business bankruptcy cases in Nashville, across Tennessee, and beyond. Read more »